Healthcare is always changing, growing, and evolving. The goal is always to find newer, better ways of treating serious injuries and conditions so that patients can heal faster, more fully, and go on to enjoy a better quality of life.

One evolution that’s changing how doctors treat patients with neurological disorders is GyroStim. At Carolina Brain Center, we are always looking to the future. That’s why we’re proud to offer GyroStim therapy in Raleigh, NC, among our many holistic healthcare services.

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What is GyroStim?

GyroStim is a computer-controlled multi-axis rotational chair that stimulates the vestibular, visuomotor, and sensorimotor systems and provides powerful interactive stimulation to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which drives executive function. 

This FDA-cleared breakthrough medical device is a beneficial form of treatment for individuals from all walks of life. At Carolina Brain Center, we use GyroStim therapy in our Raleigh practice to rehabilitate patients of their symptoms associated with head injuries, illness, advanced age, and other conditions. 

The Benefits of GyroStim

GyroStim is a global brain integrator. It is important to understand that no one therapy strategy can isolate one part of the brain. This is why some patients do not respond well to just having vestibular therapy or only doing vision therapy.

At Carolina Brain Center, one of the reasons we do extensive testing is because we know we absolutely need to assess the major systems of the brain. GyroStim therapy helps us do just that. 

Simply think about this: you have two eyes and two feet. Humans are navigators. You need to know where you are in your environment, and you need to know where other things are in the environment to get to where you want to go. When your visual and body maps are skewed, you do not navigate as well.

GyroStim is one of the tools we use to help rehab and integrate these systems in patients with all kinds of neurological disorders, including concussions, TBI, stroke, developmental delays/disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and cognitive decline. 

Here are examples of systems the GyroStim can help treat: 

  • Vestibular dysfunction
  • Visual dysfunction 
  • Sensorimotor dysfunction 

Even in a variety of disorders, these systems are often involved. The art of treatment is to determine how to properly drive a positive neuroplastic change in these systems and properly integrate them, meaning that these systems must be synced and working together for optimum human performance.

Is GyroStim Safe?

On the GyroStim website, you will find these words, “The strongest testimonial for GyroStim safety is that there have been ZERO injuries as a result of device malfunction after millions of rotations at locations around the world. The GyroStim is engineered with a “fail-safe” design throughout so that should a malfunction occur, the chair operation will default to a safe state. This design includes numerous hardware and software interlocks that prevent or stop the motion of the GyroStim if they are interrupted.”

Is GyroStim FDA Approved?

GyroStim has been granted FDA clearance as a breakthrough medical device to assist in the treatment of balance disorders and vestibular dysfunction.

GyroStim has been rigorously tested and has been a primary modality of treatment in a number of published studies over the past decade. 

See if GyroStim is Right for You at Carolina Brain Center

At Carolina Brain Center, we’re always looking for the best, most up-to-date treatment options to help our patients. That’s why we offer such revolutionary advancements in holistic healthcare as GyroStim, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and more.

Because no two patients are ever the same, we view every person who comes through our doors as an individual, complete with their own unique set of needs and capabilities. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare, we believe that personalized treatment is the best way to ensure the best results for our patients.

Interested in finding out if GyroStim therapy in Raleigh, NC, is right for you? Schedule an appointment at Carolina Brain Center today for more information about GyroStim or any of our other holistic healthcare services.

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