Our Approach to Treatment

Childhood Development Disorders, like ADHD, Asperger’s, and Autism Spectrum Disorders, share many commonalities. Though they manifest with a variety of symptoms, their root cause is a brain imbalance. A brain imbalance occurs when the left and right hemispheres are not synchronized with one another, often diagnosed as a functional disconnection syndrome. 

When a functional disconnection occurs, a child will display normal-to-high functioning skills associated with one hemisphere and diminished to severely limited capabilities that are associated with the other. If signs worsen as the child grows, it is often a result of one region of the brain maturing faster than the other.

Those suffering from childhood developmental disorders in Raleigh, NC, display a variety of symptoms that can include sensory, motor, cognitive, emotional, and other challenges. However, many medical professionals are still treating these children as if they have just one condition.

Explaining The Child’s Brain

The brain has two hemispheres – the left and right cortex. The corpus callosum resides deep within the brain, connecting these two hemispheres and coordinating their functions. When the corpus callosum is missing, either surgically or naturally, the two hemispheres will operate independently. Research shows that a child’s condition can be explained by the combination of unusually strong skills derived from one hemisphere, and weaker skills based out of the other. For example, developmental disorders, such as ADHD, OCD, and Tourettes, are all a result of a weaker right hemisphere, where Dyslexia, language, and processing disorders are a product of a weak left hemisphere.

A thorough neurological evaluation of the child brain in Raleigh, NC, is essential to revealing which hemisphere is underdeveloped. These tests can include testing for primitive reflexes, cranial nerve function, routine blood work, and others. Once all of the necessary data is collected, a treatment plan can be created to target the specific needs of the child to ensure their brain begins to connect correctly. Without treatment, the one hemisphere will continue to grow and strengthen, and the other side only gets weaker.

Our Approach to Treating Childhood Development Disorders

What separates our treatment from the rest is our utilization of hemispheric treatment to promote development on the weaker side. The brain is incredibly adaptable, and we use this fact to our advantage. When one hemisphere is weak, the other automatically takes over and will disassociate from the weak side. Because of this, we focus our treatment only on the weaker side, which allows the gap between the two to close.

At Carolina Brain Center, we provide the following treatments for these hemispheric disorders.

  • Hemispheric Integration: Hemispheric integration involves the training and stimulation of specific neurological pathways. This encourages neuroplasty and can result in academic and social changes.
  • Neurosensory: We offer neurosensory treatment that stimulates sensory pathways to encourage neuroplasticity. This results in motor and cognitive changes.
  • Functional Biochemistry: Functional biochemistry is the use of natural compounds proven to support the neurological, immunological, and digestive process of the body.
  • Nutritional Counseling: The purpose of our nutritional counseling program is to help you implement the best diet for your child. We will help you determine this plan by evaluating clinical lab results.

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