Childhood developmental disorders, also called neurodevelopmental disorders, like ADHD, Asperger’s, and Autism Spectrum Disorders, share many common learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. However, we keep in mind that each disorder is complex in nature, involving every system of the body.

Interestingly, while developmental disorders may manifest with a variety of symptoms, the root cause of these dysfunctions is common: a brain imbalance.

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What Causes Developmental Disorders? 

An illustration of the human brain showing what functions are controlled by specific parts of the brainAt the Carolina Brain Center, we treat the underlying cause associated with neurodevelopmental disorders: brain imbalance. A brain imbalance occurs when the left and right hemispheres are not synchronized with one another. This is often diagnosed as a functional disconnection syndrome. 

When a functional disconnection occurs, a child will display normal-to-high functioning skills associated with one hemisphere and diminished to severely limited capabilities that are associated with the other. If signs worsen as the child grows, it is often a result of one region of the brain maturing faster than the other.

Those suffering from childhood developmental disorders in Raleigh, NC, display a variety of symptoms that can include sensory, motor, cognitive, emotional, and other challenges. However, many medical professionals are still treating these children as if they have just one condition.

At Carolina Brain Center, Dr. Dane takes a different approach to treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Our Approach to Treating Development Disorders

A computer-generated illustration of a brain with one hemisphere purple and the other blueWhat separates our treatment from the rest is our utilization of hemispheric treatment to promote development on the weaker side. The brain is incredibly adaptable, and we use this fact to our advantage. 

When one hemisphere is weak, the other automatically takes over and will disassociate from the weak side. Because of this, we focus our treatment only on the weaker side, which allows the gap between the two to close.

We perform a thorough neurological evaluation to reveal which hemisphere is underdeveloped and evaluate neurological pathways for over-activity and under activity. Specific tests include but are not limited to, testing for primitive reflexes, testing of cranial nerve function, cerebellar function, frontal eye fields, and even routine blood work. 

Once the objective data is collected, we tailor a unique treatment plan to stimulate and promote hemispheric integration or synchronization, thus enabling the brain to work as a whole. 

Developmental Disorder Treatment at Carolina Brain Center

At Carolina Brain Center, we provide the following treatments for these hemispheric disorders:

  • Hemispheric Integration: Hemispheric integration involves the training and stimulation of specific neurological pathways. This encourages neuroplasty and can result in academic and social changes.
  • Neurosensory: We offer neurosensory treatment that stimulates sensory pathways to encourage neuroplasticity. This results in motor and cognitive changes.
  • Functional Biochemistry: Functional biochemistry is the use of natural compounds proven to support the neurological, immunological, and digestive processes of the body.
  • Nutritional Counseling: The purpose of our nutritional counseling program is to help you implement the best diet for your child. We will help you determine this plan by evaluating clinical lab results.

With no treatment, the weak side of the brain gets weaker, and the strong side becomes dominant which can result in neglect syndromes. However, with specific hemispheric treatment at Carolina Brain Center, the weak side can be encouraged to catch up to the dominant side.

Developmental Disorder Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Has your child been diagnosed with a developmental disorder such as ADHD, OD, Dyslexia, Autism, or Tourettes? We can help. Dr. Dane has over 20 years of experience helping children and adults achieve healthier brains and bodies. 

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