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Epilepsy is an illness known for its unpredictability. As a brain disorder, it is diagnosed by abnormal electrical activity in the brain, causing recurrent convulsions called seizures. These can be frightening, as you never know when one will overtake your body, leaving you to live in constant fear. Epilepsy induces other symptoms, as well, including loss of consciousness and uncontrollable movements of the body.

The Carolina Brain Center can aid in treating brain disorders in just about any patient. Owner Dr. Darcy Dane has been in practice for 20 years as a board-certified doctor of chiropractic neurology. Her experience and knowledge allowed her to fashion alternative approaches to the needs of her patients. No matter how severe the case, Dr. Dane and her specialists recognize the importance of patients feeling more in control of their brains and bodies.

If you are interested in fighting back against the disease, check out our effective epilepsy treatment in Raleigh, NC. Our physicians will be happy to help you headstart your treatment plan and get you back to normal as fast as possible.

Our Approach

Acknowledging that every patient requires different care, we always accommodate unique needs. The Carolina Brain Center offers medical treatments that include Brain Camp, concussion treatment, chiropractic services, and functional medicine.

Brain Camp

Brain Camp is a one-week treatment that can provide the fastest results through the medical practice of neuroplasticity. It enhances the brain’s ability to discover new neuron connections. The first day is spent assessing the extent of the patient’s condition. The next four are in-office treatments. The doctor runs diagnostic tests on the last day. To ensure continual improvement, patients are given at-home exercises and must make follow-up appointments to monitor progress.

Concussion Treatment

Once the patient is diagnosed, Dr. Dane takes a structured approach to functional neurology to treat concussions, which she calls “exercise for the brain.” She utilizes comparative subjective findings by having patients answer questions about their symptoms and through VNG tests. These exams look at the inner ear and parts of the brain, identifying the seriousness and cause of the concussion. This allows the doctors to devise protocols for treatment. Approaches for the patients are sensory- or cardio-based activities such as balancing, tracking eye movement, and engaging in aerobics. Dr. Dane even makes use of painless electrical currents to stimulate sections of the brain and body.

Chiropractic Services

Manual therapy is also helpful for those with epilepsy. Stimulating the brain, chiropractic adjustments can reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. For 10-to-20-minute visits, hands-on care provides relief, making patients feel more relaxed. Your brain will be able to make improved connections with your movements. Our specialists design specific, individual plans for each patient.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine can lead to improved brain operations. In visits lasting up to an hour, we run chemistry panels, evaluating a person’s general health. Giving you better control over your body, holistic treatments relieve neuro-physiological imbalances.


We recognize that there are always more complex cases of epilepsy, which may require patients to visit another center. We can easily make a referral for you to another facility. With colleagues from all over the state, the Carolina Brain Center knows specialists in internal medicine, medical neurology, applied kinesiology, and visual development.

Comprehensive Epilepsy Treatment in Raleigh, NC

The road to recovery from epilepsy is no easy feat. The condition can take its toll on anyone regardless of age. Concussions can even hasten the process. Fortunately, Dr. Dane and the other professionals at the Carolina Brain Center understand this and can provide you with unique health care methods to alleviate your suffering.

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