Many Americans live with the effects of strokes or the susceptibility to having strokes.

Strokes are medical emergencies in which blood flow to the brain is reduced or stopped. When brain cells stop receiving the oxygen that blood contains, they die. And when brain cells die, permanent brain damage can occur.

Many patients come to the Carolina Brain Center because they have participated in the traditional methods of treating the effects of a stroke. While many people do very well with post-stroke treatments, some people still find that they are left with limitations and questions about what else they can do to help improve their quality of life.

This is why people turn to us. We work with you to design strategies to improve your symptoms after a stroke.

Let’s learn more about what strokes are and how our stroke treatment can help.

What Are Strokes?

In plain speaking, strokes are blockages of blood flow to the brain. It is essential that anyone having a stroke seek medical attention immediately to prevent serious brain damage. The faster you are treated, the less harm you will suffer.

Of course, strokes do not exist in a bubble; they have root causes and risk factors that make them more likely to occur.

Strokes often result in people with various forms of heart disease. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or coronary artery disease, your chances of having a stroke are significantly increased.

That’s because cholesterol and plaque build up in the arteries and stop blood from flowing from the heart to the brain. This is called an ischemic stroke.

The other type of stroke is a hemorrhagic, in which a brain artery starts leaking blood.

One great way to prevent both strokes and heart attacks is to revamp your lifestyle to include exercise and a healthier diet.

Once someone does suffer a stroke, however, the effects can be devastating. From partial paralysis to speech difficulties to loss of memory, your life can change significantly.

How Does Our Stroke Treatment Work?

People who have strokes are at an increased risk of having another one. In the traditional medical approach, your doctor might prescribe you medication to maintain the right blood pressure and keep your blood thin.

However, it sometimes happens that medications just can’t help you overcome the odds, and strokes reoccur.

We take a different approach at the Carolina Brain Center. Our methods are those of holistic healthcare, which aims to treat both the body and the mind together.

For instance, we might test you for a neuro-physiologic imbalance. We look at lab work to determine if diet changes should be incorporated along with your medication that was prescribed by your doctor. Exercise is oftentimes key as well for health and well-being. 

Additionally, electrical brain stimulation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, low laser light (photobiomodulation) can promote better overall health and balance in your nervous system and may be the stroke treatment you need to get past the worst of your symptoms. We are also happy to discuss a range of other options for you, depending on what will work best. 

In the end, we find the best way to treat the effects of your stroke to get you back on track to living your life.

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Strokes are as serious a medical condition as any you could have. After you’ve experienced one, you’ll naturally want to recover your control over your body and mind. 

The Carolina Brain Center helps you to do that. We’ll examine your brain activity and how your brain communicates with the rest of your body. We’ll then devise the right treatment for you.

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