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Functional Neurology:
Very basically, functional neurology can be thought of as an exercise regimen for the brain. Just like working a muscle makes it stronger, we work your brain to make it stronger.

At Carolina Brain Center, we have found that intensive treatment periods are best to increase function quickly and effectively. Our patients affectionately call our intensive program, “Brain Camp.” After Brain Camp, patients work on home therapies. After a determined amount of time the patient comes back to the office so that the doctors can assess progress made at home. Treatments are changed to promote further healing, as necessary.

During a 1-week intensive, the patient will spend 4 hours a day for 5 days in office treatment. Brain Camp offers the fastest results due to the frequency and intensity of the treatment.

For those patients who cannot participate in a week-long intensive program, we offer flexible treatment schedules that will fit your needs. The results are the same, it just takes longer to achieve them.

Not every patient will need an intensive program. Treatment recommendations will be made based upon the examination findings. Treatment office visits range between 15 and 60 minutes.

Chiropractic Services:
At Carolina Brain Center, we have found that specificity changes everything. Just because it hurts on the right, doesn’t necessarily mean treatment needs to be on the right. Every treatment decision is based upon central nervous system findings and is done to promote better brain function. Chiropractic office visits are normally 10-20 minutes in duration.

Functional Medicine:
At Carolina Brain Center, we know the importance of running chemistry panels. A clean internal environment promotes healthier brain function. Conversely, an inflamed body means the gut barrier and blood brain barrier are compromised. Indicators such as brain fog, fatigue, mood changes, bloating and gas, mean your brain is swimming in polluted waters, so to speak. Functional medicine office visits vary from 15-60 minutes.

At Carolina Brain Center, we understand the value of a good referral. Many times, we refer our patients to specialists in other fields to help co-manage complex cases. If a team approach is what is needed or if you would be better served by a colleague, we will let you know and make the referral. We have a team of colleagues all over North Carolina who specialize in different areas such as immunology, acupuncture, internal medicine, medical neurology, applied kinesiology, visual development and more.

Why Carolina Brain Center?

Dr. Dane brings 20 years of experience to the Triangle and has helped many people achieve a healthier brain and body.


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