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Movement Disorders

Tourette’s can be classified from mild to severe. For severe cases, co-management may be best. A combination of medications and functional neurology treatments and strategies offer the best improvement in activities of daily living and overall quality of life.

Dystonias require very specific, targeted treatments. Understanding the complexity of the neurology behind movement disorders enables us to come up with patient specific approaches to reduce the symptoms of dystonia.

Parkinson’s Disease & Parkinsonian type disorders are neurodegenerative disorders that have a devastating effect on a person’s quality of life. In many cases, subtle symptoms show up well before a person is diagnosed with PD. Our goal is to improve function and quality of life. We also work alongside the patient and caregivers as the disease progresses by giving home strategies that will help maintain progress made in the office.

Cerebellar degenerative disorders are tough to deal with; however, we have strategies to help improve quality of life by improving function and giving home strategies to help the patient navigate through life more safely.

Tremors can result from a number of disorders. A full neurological workup and history is paramount to implementing effective, corrective treatments.