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Strokes are incredibly common, affecting hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. Out of those who suffer from a stroke, many have already been through one before. Aging and having previously had a stroke can significantly increase your chances of having them in the future. While strokes are very common, and most people are familiar with them, they’re terrifying events to go through, even in the most minor of strokes. 

Even with early intervention, a person might suffer long-lasting health effects from a stroke. These effects can change every part of a person’s life and cause them to have to make major changes to their daily lives. It may be difficult for a person to ever fully regain what they lost from having a stroke. Because of these severe effects, Carolina Brain Center works hard to ensure that we offer stroke treatment in Raleigh, NC, to patients after they suffer from a stroke. 

Effective Stroke Treatments

Treating the aftermath of a stroke has been notoriously difficult. While finding adequate treatment in the past could be a challenge, there are many more options available for stroke victims today. As we learn more about how the brain works and how strokes affect it, we can better help people recover from them. Not only can the effects of a stroke lower a person’s quality of life, but they can also lead to more health concerns, such as seizures. At the Carolina Brain Center, our team is always looking for advanced ways to help treat stroke patients to help them live a healthy life. 

Many people are already familiar with the physical effects a stroke can have on a person. Depending on what side of the brain the stroke occurred in, a person’s left or right side will be affected. Paralysis may occur on that side that was affected by the stroke, but each side can also have their own issues following a stroke. Of course, the severity of the effects will also depend on how much of the brain was damaged. Because of this, the most effective form of treatment will vary from person to person. 

At Carolina Brain Center, we focus on holistic healthcare for our patients. By creating a holistic health care plan for patients, we can take a multidisciplinary approach that gives us a better chance of making a positive difference in our patients’ help. Through our treatment program, we can attempt to help strengthen what was damaged during the stroke. One major component of our treatment is a week-long intensive program we call “brain camp.” Through this and our examination process, we can determine what the best way to treat someone who’s suffered from a stroke is. Our treatment can also help ensure that patients and their caregivers understand how to continue to treat the effects of their stroke at home to help keep them safe.

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At Carolina Brain Center, we understand the challenges that patients and their loved ones face after a stroke. We also understand the complexities that come with treating a patient who has suffered from a stroke. While stroke treatment can often be tricky, Dr. Dane has years of experience treating a variety of brain injuries and it up-to-date with the latest developments in stroke research to give our patients the best chance at successfully recovering. 

After a stroke, the most important thing is to begin treatment after the person is stable enough. If you or a loved one have recently suffered from a stroke, don’t put off getting treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for stroke treatment in Raleigh, NC.

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