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Despite being a common health condition, concussions are still a rising concern. Blows from concussions can quickly damage the soft tissue of the brain. Even after you suffer violent trauma, you never know if you will have a concussion or even display symptoms from the injury. This makes concussions unpredictable, as they can happen to anyone and develop either immediately after the injury or over time. There are plenty of symptoms associated with the disorder, increasing the difficulty of diagnosis.

Thankfully, the Carolina Brain Center can assess and determine the seriousness of your concussion. Owner Dr. Darcy Dane, who is board-certified in chiropractic neurology, has 20 years of experience. If you come to her, you will be in good hands to obtain flawless care. Dr. Dane has spent more than 500 hours in concentrated concussion training. What’s more, she understands the importance of staying up-to-date on all the latest advances in concussion treatments.

Her practice utilizes functional neurology to treat disorders of the nervous system through cognitive and sensory-based treatments. It is an overall structured approach that examines the brain to pinpoint the exact location affected by the concussion. When you choose the Carolina Brain Center, Dr. Dane and her team will provide you with effective care to help you fully recover from concussion symptoms.

Common Neurological Symptoms

At the Carolina Brain Center, we know how to accommodate our patients. Concussions are never a simple condition, as they can cause a multitude of overlapping health concerns. If you are suffering from a concussion, it is vital to recognize any of these identifying neurological symptoms.

Difficulty Concentrating

A concussion can affect your ability to focus. If you are at school or work, you may find it challenging to make decisions or lack the physical or mental energy to concentrate. You can lose track of time or find it hard to remember things. For a student, studying and memorizing content can become a struggle, as you may be distracted or confused.


Feeling lightheaded or unbalanced are critical signs of dizziness. Sensory organs like your eyes and ears will be affected, and you might think that you’re fainting. The room could appear to be spinning, which can be accompanied by nausea or vomiting, as well. Besides blurred vision, you could even feel like your ears are ringing, a condition known as tinnitus.

Sensitivity to Light or Sound

Flashing or bright lights can lead to spotted or double vision. The glare from a television screen, the headlights of a car, or the reflection of light from a window can trigger a reaction. When concussed, increased sensitivity to everyday sounds can occur, as well. Loud sounds can become intolerable, making you angry, panicked, or frustrated. These sensory overloads could cause migraines or dizziness.


During the day, if you are feeling abnormally tired, you may think that your body is weighing you down. You could be sluggishly dragging your feet or closing your eyes at inappropriate times, such as at work or behind the wheel of a car. If this persists, it could lead to other symptoms like headaches, anxiety, and depression.

Heightened Emotions

A concussion can affect mood and intensify aspects of someone’s personality. You could experience rising senses of irritability and impatience. Psychological factors such as nervousness and worriedness can escalate stress and worsen other neurological symptoms.

Memory Loss

At their worst, concussions can lead to symptoms of amnesia. They can cause a brief loss of consciousness, making you feel as though you are lost in a fog. You could even forget the moment that led to the concussion, especially if it was traumatizing. Fortunately, periods of amnesia tend to go away after some time.

Specialized Care in Raleigh, NC

No matter the severity of your concussion, rest assured that you will receive effective and personalized care at the Carolina Brain Center. You will have your own plan to assist you on the road to recovery. Our specialists are compassionate and skilled in meeting our patients’ needs. Dr. Dane and her team provide unique methods to alleviate the pain caused by your concussion. By the end, you will feel stronger and healthier than when you first came to us.

For top-quality care, book an appointment today with the Carolina Brain Center so that we can assess and treat your neurological symptoms in Raleigh, NC.

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