Changing the brain (neuroplasticity) requires an appropriate intensity and frequency of treatment.

Most of our patients begin treatment with an Intensive Week. During an Intensive, a patient receives 3 hours/day of treatment over a 4-hour period. Outcome assessments are performed throughout the week to ensure each patient is receiving the best treatment.

Upon completion of an Intensive period, patients leave with therapies to do at home, up to several times a day, and are asked to return in two weeks for a follow-up appointment to assess progress and to decide upon frequency of office visits. The goal is to have patients do as much therapy as possible at home, which is far more cost effective and empowering. For our pediatric patients, parent participation during the Intensive week and at home is key to ensure that all home therapies are done confidently and correctly.

In order for home therapy to be effective, patients will be expected to complete their given therapies as assigned. Patients who neglect to complete their therapies at home and in a consistent manner will not create permanent change.

In addition, some patients may be asked to make changes to their diet based on the results of their labs and to support their recovery. Supplements may be recommended in order to improve brain and adrenal function or to restore the digestive tract.

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