Dr. Darcy D. Dane welcomes you to Carolina Brain Center!

She is pleased to be serving patients in North Carolina and the surrounding states. Dr. Dane provides treatment solutions for a variety of complaints utilizing functional neurology.

Functional neurology is a new concept for many people, but it has been gaining a tremendous amount of press lately due to functional neurologist pioneer, Dr. Ted Carrick, founder of the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies. In essence, functional neurology, also called chiropractic neurology, is the clinical evaluation of and treatment method for the central and peripheral nervous system.

Both brain and body functions go hand-in-hand. There is always an abnormal motoric (muscle movement or tone) outcome when the brain is not functioning as it ought. For example, in a person with Parkinson’s disease, there is a progressive destruction in the Basal Ganglia of the brain, specifically of the Substantia Nigra. The motoric outcome begins with stiffness, often in the shoulders, and with constipation due to less peristalsis of the intestinal track to move digested food out of the body. As Parkinson’s progresses, we see the inability to initiate movement accompanied with tremors. Parkinson’s is a disease of the brain that results in a specific type of movement disorder. Dysfunctions of neural pathways and systems within the whole nervous system (central and peripheral) have a dramatic impact on a person’s whole health and not just their motor system. Moving muscles, thinking and learning, emotions, pain, digesting, organ function, etc., are all controlled by these systems. Restoring function to the body’s command center has the most impact on optimizing a patient’s health and increasing his or her quality of life.

To learn more about specific conditions Dr. Dane regularly has success in treating, please look around the website. If you don’t see your specific condition, fill out the contact sheet and Dr. Dane will call personally to discuss whether or not she can help and, more specifically, why.

Dr. Dane’s Education: Dr. Dane has been a Doctor of Chiropractic since 1999 and is a Board Certified Diplomate of Chiropractic Neurology (DACNB). Dr. Dane has completed over 700 hours of neurological course work and continues to attend monthly seminars to increase her knowledge. Additionally, Dr. Dane is an assistant professor of neurology, helping to train new functional neurologists.

Florida State University (1996)
Bachelor of Science Degree in Fitness & Nutrition (BS)

Life College of Chiropractic (1999)
Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC)

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (2006)
Master of Divinity (Mdiv)

Carrick Institute (2012)
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist (DACNB)
Board Eligible for Childhood Development Disorders

Dr. Dane’s Licenses:

Current – North Carolina
Previous – Georgia, Tennessee, Massachusetts

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