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Vestibular disorders have no clear-cut answer. From causing vertigo to dizziness, they are a range of illnesses that affect the senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. Located in the inner ear, the vestibular organs impact our motor control, learning, and perception. When diagnosing these disorders, it can be difficult for doctors to identify the root of the problem. Most don’t study the whole system. Instead, they specialize in different parts, which is why recovery is difficult for those who suffer from such a condition.

At the Carolina Brain Center, we provide an integrative approach to treatment, taking into account all possible causes of your disorder. Under the guidance of Dr. Darcy Dane, our specialists narrow down and identify the source of your pain. What’s more, Dr. Dane has more than 20 years of experience and serves those in and around North Carolina. She utilizes the approach of functional neurology, which provides customized treatments that lead to better and faster results. Nothing is more important to Dr. Dane than placing her patients on the path to recovery. If you need vestibular disorder treatment in Raleigh, NC, we encourage you to visit the Carolina Brain Center, as you can receive personalized care.

Our Approach

The Carolina Brain Center recognizes vestibular conditions have no simple solutions. Incorporating visual and vestibular tasks to ensure the most effective treatment and diagnosis, our team understands the link between the sensory and motor symptoms to cure vestibular disorders. Once discovered, we can utilize it to facilitate higher brain functioning. Learn more about our methods by reading about how we identify vestibular disorder symptoms.


Vertigo develops when there are changes in the position of the head, which is triggered by a condition known as BPPV. This condition leads to crystals becoming dislodged in the ear and entering the semicircular canal. Accompanied by a head-spinning sensation, vertigo occurs when there is a problem in the inner ear, a nerve pathway, or the brain.

What treatment will work for vertigo depends on its cause. If it is BPPV, we employ a canalith repositioning maneuver called the Epley maneuver. This technique is known for its high success rates in relieving the faintness caused by vertigo. Our specialists even have other specific repositioning strategies to address a diversity of conditions.

Unsteadiness and Dizziness 

Vestibular issues can make you feel lightheaded and imbalanced, and they can be brought on by several diseases. Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and Parkinson’s are all neurodegenerative diseases that can affect the visual and vestibular systems. Feelings of dizziness can wash over you even when standing up, which is usually due to a problem with the autonomic nervous system, or the ANS. The ANS controls all involuntary functions of the body, including guiding your breathing, monitoring your heart rate, and regulating your blood pressure.

Other Vestibular Issues 

When your head moves in one direction but your eyes are going in another, there could be a problem with your vestibular-ocular reflex or VOR. The VOR assists in fixing images on the retina during when your head is in motion, so there is no retinal slip. If one does happen, it can create an intense feeling that you or your surroundings are moving. Certainly, this needs to be corrected, especially if you are driving, because your eyes and head should be following the road in front of you. 

Some other common conditions that can lead to vestibular concerns involve the cerebellum or reciprocal connections in the brain. Issues with these areas can result in a variety of symptoms. Fortunately, the Carolina Brain Center can assess any of these conditions. We use strategies of spatial orientation, motion perception, and pathfinding to pinpoint the cause of your disorder.

Exceptional Vestibular Disorder Treatment in Raleigh, NC 

The Carolina Brain Center has the expertise and talents to ensure that you recover from your vestibular disorder. We will address all your concerns, and our specialists will provide you with the personalized treatment you require. Patients come to us knowing that they will receive compassionate and thoughtful care, and that is precisely what we deliver.

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