HBOT: Dr. Dane’s Hyperbaric Protocol

At Carolina Brain Center, we offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for the treatment of various conditions and diseases, including inflammation and strokes.

Let’s learn more about HBOT and explain how we offer this treatment at Carolina Brain Center.

What Is HBOT?

HBOT is a treatment that increases oxygen concentration in the blood and body tissues by increasing the environmental pressure. Our soft chamber is pressurized to 1.3 ATA, so it is safe and effective. We add in an additional 10% oxygen through a nasal cannula.

Thus, you are breathing approximately 37% oxygen while in the chamber. Because of the pressure, the oxygen concentration in the blood is increased, thereby increasing the oxygen saturation in the body’s tissues.

How Does Carolina Brain Center Use HBOT? 

Dr. Dane has been working with Dr. Kieran Clark, a professor at Oxford University, to enhance the overall benefits of HBOT by adding Dr. Clark’s ketone esters.

Ketone esters are a super fuel produced by the body when fat is broken down for energy. Clark’s ΔG Ketone Ester is a proprietary drink delivering D-HBH, which is the exact ketone produced by the body.

A two-ounce bottle puts the body into a deep and rapid state of ketosis in 20 minutes, allowing for improved recovery and increases in endurance and cognitive function.

Delta G performance ketones

Additionally, Dr. Dane recognizes the healing benefits of binaural music. Binaural beat therapy benefits include reduced anxiety and stress, increased focus, concentration, and motivation, enhanced psychomotor performance and mood, and deeper states of mediation. All of these things promote healing.

Dr. Dane has been combing these therapies for over a year now, and patients cannot believe how much better they feel. Our patients with TBI and mTBI (concussion) feel less foggy, more energetic, and have more stamina for our treatments that drive neuroplasticity. Our patients without injury or complaint that use our combined HBOT therapy report feeling years younger and use it as part of their overall wellness and anti-aging plan.

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The results of our patients speak for themselves: HBOT can help.

A knowledgeable professional such as Dr. Dane is at the helm of your treatment here at Carolina Brain Center. We are committed to improving your condition through holistic means.

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