It's All About You!

Have you been disappointed by healthcare practices that treat you like just a number?

Perhaps it is time for a change. At Carolina Brain Center, it is all about you, the patient. You have questions that should be answered by your doctor. A doctor should understand that they are in a service industry. Carolina Brain Center is a small, private practice that is patient-focused, which allows me to focus on patient-centered care that allows me to create a personalized treatment plan for you. Patient-centered care means I take the time to listen to you, review information about you, and examine you.

In nearly 20 years of practice, the major complaint I hear is regarding the lack of time doctors spend with their patients. Patients are shuffled in and out of offices, spend little time with the actual doctor and are left with unanswered questions, which leads to frustration.

Attention to detail is my passion as a doctor, therefore at my office, you get my time and attention. The fact is, if a doctor will take the time to LISTEN to a patient, the patient will usually self-diagnose. Of course, we run clinical tests to confirm our theories, but listening is paramount to accurate diagnosing.

At our office, not only will you have a lot of personal interaction with me, but you can be sure that I will spend a lot of time working on your case behind the scenes by reviewing labs, building protocols, studying medical texts, and/or speaking with your other healthcare providers.

Time is a commodity. If you want time, you will get it here!

Dr. Dane

Why Carolina Brain Center?

Dr. Dane brings 20 years of experience to the Triangle and has helped many people achieve a healthier brain and body.


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