Our Effective Treatment Approach

Fighting Parkinson’s disease is no easy battle. As a brain disorder, it is known to deteriorate motor functions and severely impede one’s ability to perform basic daily tasks. Signs of Parkinson’s include tremors, rigidity, slowness of movement, difficulty walking, and problems with balance.

The Carolina Brain Center provides an authentic approach to slowing down the degenerative process of the sickness. The treatment we use is thorough and efficient, and it can work for you, too! Our treatment of Parkinson’s disease derives from the studies and experience of our owner, Dr. Darcy D. Dane. With 20 years of experience, Dr. Dane is a Board Certified Diplomate of Chiropractic Neurology. She devised her treatment method because she understood the need of those who required an alternative method of combating Parkinson’s.

Encouraging movement back into your joints, we provide patients with a week-long program. By the end, you will most likely feel more flexible and in better control of your physical motions. The Carolina Brain Center’s services don’t stop even when the week is over. Focusing on sustaining and increasing your new-found strength, we will devise a plan to continue performing this physical therapy for your brain. Not to mention, if you can’t complete this program, there are other available options at our facility you can consider.

Are you interested in our approach? Take a closer look at our treatments and procedures outlined below. Rest assured that the Carolina Brain Center’s methods are capable of taking on your case of Parkinson’s disease.

Our Approaches

At our Raleigh center, we recognize that not all diagnoses of Parkinson’s are the same, as they may require different treatments. From the one-week program called Brain Camp to chiropractic services to holistic medicinal options, we have you covered, no matter the severity of your illness. To learn more, contact Dr. Dane for further details regarding our multifaceted approaches.

Brain Camp

Our one-week treatment is known as Brain Camp and is based on neuroplasticity. This technique refers to the brain’s ability to make connections with new neuronal connections. The patient will spend four hours a day for five days of in-office treatment. It runs from Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. There are two 30-minute breaks, allowing patients to rest before another round of treatment. Then, on the last day, diagnostics are performed and compared to the results from the beginning of the procedure.

After Brain Camp, patients are sent home with exercises to perform regularly, helping to slow the progression of their Parkinson’s. They are also encouraged to attend follow-up appointments to monitor progress. Brain Camp offers the fastest results due to the frequency and intensity of the treatment.

Chiropractic Services

Manual therapy, a hands-on experience, can even be performed through chiropractic services. Our specialists help you to heal through 10-to-20-minute visits. Making treatment decisions based upon central nervous system findings, these appointments will help your brain to make improved connections with your movements. Through specifically developed plans for our patients, we try to encourage and promote better brain functions to fight Parkinson’s.

Functional Medicine

With functional medicine office visits, we try to create a clean, internal body environment that can lead to healthier brain operations. Our visits can range from 15 minutes to an hour. We even run chemistry panels to evaluate your potential care needs. For instance, if your body is inflamed, alternative medicine can be helpful to alleviate the pain, as your gut barrier and the blood-brain barrier could be compromised.


For patients that have complex cases of Parkinson’s, we understand if you have to visit another center. Based on your needs, we can make a referral for you. We have a team of colleagues all over North Carolina who specialize in different areas, such as immunology, acupuncture, internal medicine, medical neurology, applied kinesiology, and visual development.

Effective Parkinson’s Disease Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Carolina’s Brain Center is here to take care of your Parkinson’s with our comprehensive treatments. Through our one-week Brain Camp, chiropractic services, and functional medicine, you can be assured that you will be treated to the very best of our abilities.

Ready to get started on our approach to combating Parkinson’s disease? Contact Dr. Darcy Dane to book an appointment for Parkinson’s Disease treatment in Raleigh, NC today!

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