Epilepsy is an illness known for its unpredictability. As a brain disorder, it is diagnosed by abnormal electrical activity in the brain, causing recurrent convulsions called seizures. These can be frightening, as you never know when one will overtake your body, leaving you to live in constant fear.

That’s why the Carolina Brain Center is here to help. Our functional medicine approach to epilepsy offers an alternative to conventional treatments. Our goal is to provide you with unique healthcare methods to alleviate your suffering.

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Chiropractic Neurology and Epilepsy

A blue computer generated brain with electricity At the Carolina Brain Center, we work with patients and caregivers to create home strategies to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizure activity.

Owner Dr. Darcy Dane has been in practice for 20 years as a board-certified doctor of chiropractic neurology. Her experience and knowledge allowed her to fashion alternative approaches to the needs of her patients. 

No matter how severe the case, Dr. Dane and her specialists recognize the importance of patients feeling more in control of their brains and bodies.

If you’ve tried other methods of alleviating your or your relative’s epilepsy symptoms and have had little or no success, we want to hear from you! A holistic neurologist approach to epilepsy may be exactly what you need. 

A Functional Neurology Approach to Epilepsy

At the Carolina Brain Center, we practice functional neurology. With this approach, we design exercises and activities for your brain to make it stronger and less susceptible to disorders such as epilepsy.

When you come into our office, we first work to identify triggers, both physical and chemical. We then design our treatments to help strengthen the affected areas to reduce the effects of seizures.

For many undergoing traditional epilepsy treatment, medications are the first step in treating seizures. However, as with medications for many medical conditions, unfortunately, it isn’t a catch-all solution. Some patients have no success with medications or don’t like the side effects.

That’s why we take a holistic healthcare approach to epilepsy treatment. When you work with a holistic neurologist for epilepsy, we treat your mind and body to alleviate your symptoms.

How Our Holistic Epilepsy Treatment Works

A doctor using biofeedback on a patient to help treat epilepsy

At Carolina Brain Center, we use a range of methods to treat your epilepsy. Acknowledging that every patient requires different care, we always accommodate unique needs.

Here are some of our unique methods to treating epilepsy in Raleigh. 

Biofeedback uses electricity for deep brain stimulation. The electrical signals manipulate your brain activity and are meant to stop your seizures.

Chiropractic methods provide manual therapy of the spine and have had success in reducing seizures. We base this technique on what we discover about your central nervous system from initial tests, so treatment will always be specific to you.

Functional medicine can also lead to improved brain operations. In visits lasting up to an hour, we run chemistry panels, evaluating your general health. 

Our holistic epilepsy treatments relieve neuro-physiological imbalances and give you better control over your body. 

Alternative Epilepsy Treatment in Raleigh, NC

The road to recovery from epilepsy is no easy feat. The condition can take its toll on anyone, regardless of age. At the Carolina Brain Center, we want our patients to know they are not alone. We understand that the more traditional methods of epilepsy treatment don’t always work, and we know how frustrating that can be.

Are you looking for holistic doctors for epilepsy in North Carolina? We are here to help. If you are interested to learn more about how functional medicine can help treat epilepsy, give us a call. Once you schedule a consultation with us, you can start reclaiming control of your life.

Why Carolina Brain Center?

Dr. Dane brings 20 years of experience to the Triangle and has helped many people achieve a healthier brain and body.


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