At the Carolina Brain Center, the goal of our epilepsy treatment is to work with patients and caregivers to create home strategies to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizure activity.

When you come into the office, we identify triggers, both physical and chemical. Treatments are designed to help strengthen the affected areas to reduce the effects of seizures.

Some seizure disorders will not respond to our approach. However, we will know that either very early on in treatment or at the time of the exam.

If you’ve tried other methods of alleviating your or your relative’s epilepsy symptoms and have had little or no success, we want to hear from you!

What Is Epilepsy?

Before we discuss how we can help you with your epilepsy, it will be best to understand the condition and how it works.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder or one affecting the brain and overall central nervous system. The disorder essentially causes the brain to experience intense and unusual electrical activity.

That activity induces seizures, which typically consist of sudden, violent, uncontrollable muscle spasms. The person having a seizure might have strange sensations during the event or actually lose awareness and not remember the seizure later.

Epilepsy can certainly be frightening and traumatic for all involved, and it makes sense that those with the condition would want to try any and all options available to them for treatment.

That’s why the Carolina Brain Center is here.

How Our Epilepsy Treatment Works

Patients who first arrive at our facility for a consultation or read our literature are sometimes surprised to discover our unique approach to treatment.

At the Carolina Brain Center, we practice functional neurology. That’s a somewhat fancy way of saying that we design exercises and activities for your brain to make it stronger and less susceptible to disorders such as epilepsy.

In general, treating neurological disorders at our facility involves an intensive period of in-office remedies followed by a time at home. We then invite you back so we can check in on how you’ve been doing.

If you have read about what epilepsy treatment is typically like across the country, you’ll find that some patients first turn to medications to treat their seizures.

That is a more traditional approach, but, unfortunately, as with medications for many medical conditions, it isn’t a catch-all solution. Some patients have no success with medications or don’t like the side effects.

That’s why we take a holistic healthcare approach to epilepsy treatment. We treat your mind and body to alleviate your symptoms.

There is a range of methods we might use to treat your epilepsy. Biofeedback, for instance, uses electricity for deep brain stimulation. The electrical signals manipulate your brain activity and are meant to stop your seizures.

We may also approach your condition with chiropractic methods, as this type of care involving the spine has had success in reducing seizures. We base this technique on what we discover about your central nervous system from initial tests, so your treatment will be specific to you.

Some patients have even had success with a strategy of focusing on the auras, or feelings, that signal a seizure is coming on. If they can tell their brain that they will not have a seizure, they may be able to prevent one.

Start Your Epilepsy Treatment with the Carolina Brain Center

At the Carolina Brain Center, we want our patients to know they are not alone. We understand that the more traditional methods of epilepsy treatment don’t always work, and we know how frustrating that can be.

We are here to help. Call us today to schedule a consultation with us so you can start reclaiming control of your life.

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