• Carolina Brain Center, PC, Chiropractors D.C., Raleigh, NC

Testimonials From My Colleagues


“I would like to thank Dr. Dane for the service she provides to many difficult cases we have comanaged. These patients, who have a variety of medical conditions along with visual deficiencies, have been able to improve upon their daily activities through Dr. Dane’s hard work and dedication to her area of specialty. Dr. Dane understands the need to interact with other professionals to provide patients with the best integrative treatment plan in order to achieve the best outcomes.”

Nancy M. Mackowsky, OD, FCOVD

“I have had the privilege of interacting with Dr. Dane on a professional, academic, and personal level. She has proven to be one of my most intuitive, creative, well-rounded, caring and trustworthy colleagues. All doctors need to consult with their colleagues on occasion. I have access to a network of over 600 colleagues, and Dr. Dane is one of the first colleagues that I reach out to for consultation. Her experience, understanding and clinical proficiency is top-notch. My confidence in her abilities is high enough to refer my family members to her practice, without reservation.”

Matthew Antonucci, DC, DACNB, IMC

“Dr. Dane is one of the most talented clinicians I have had the honor of meeting. Her clinical knowledge, aptitude, and experience is rivaled by few in the southeast. What truly sets her apart though is her ability to take that vast knowledge and apply it practically to her patients and their lives. She is approachable, compassionate, and an invaluable asset to both her community and the healthcare profession. I hold Dr. Dane’s advice in the highest regard and there are few healthcare providers that I have more respect for.”

Life Logic Health Center