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There are several different neurodegenerative disorders, all of which are caused by neurons that are damaged and lose function, which eventually leads to the neurons dying. Millions of people around the world suffer from these types of disorders. Developing a neurodegenerative disorder can have a significant impact on every aspect of a person’s health and well-being. Neurodegenerative disorders can go beyond what we think of as typical neurological issues, and cause cognitive ones as well, such as a person’s attention, memory, and information processing. 

When neurons die, the body is unable to replace them. Unfortunately, there is no cure for any neurodegenerative disorder at the moment. While a cure might not be available, some treatments can help manage a person’s symptoms. This can help make the lives of those who suffer from neurodegenerative disorders much easier by reducing the effects of symptoms. In addition, treatment can help slow down the progression of some of these disorders. 

What Causes Neurodegenerative Disorders?

Neurodegenerative disorders can have multiple different causes. Some people may be more likely to get one of these disorders due to their genetics. In other cases, the cause might be something external. Contracting an infection or suffering from another health complication can also cause a person to develop a neurodegenerative disorder. Toxins and chemicals can also be the cause of some neurodegenerative disorders. 

The chances of developing many neurodegenerative disorders increase with age. While it’s more common to have a neurodegenerative disorder as you age, they aren’t a normal part of aging, and the symptoms of a disorder shouldn’t be treated as such. 

Types of Neurodegenerative Disorders

A few of the neurodegenerative disorders we can provide treatment for at the Carolina Brain Center include the following. 


People with Parkinson’s disease typically don’t notice early warning signs of it, as they can be very mild. Symptoms of Parkinson’s will continue to progress over time. Common symptoms of Parkinson’s are tremors, rigid muscles, balance issues, loss of automatic movements, and speech issues. 


Alzheimer’s is commonly characterized as memory loss, which is the most recognizable symptom. A person’s memory will get worse over time with Alzheimer’s. Also, Alzheimer’s can cause severe mood changes, such as depression, irritability, and other behavioral issues. 


Dementia is not one specific disorder, but several different symptoms of memory loss and thinking skills. These can be neurodegenerative disorders, but other health problems or brain injuries can also cause dementia. One of the most common causes of Dementia is Alzheimer’s. 

Our Approach to Treating Neurodegenerative Disorders

Despite not having a cure, those with neurodegenerative disorders shouldn’t give up hope. By receiving proper treatment, many people who have a neurodegenerative disease have the potential to continue to live a high-quality life. This can help keep symptoms at bay, delay the progression of diseases, as well as keep patients safe. The severity of the symptoms can also affect what type of treatment will be needed. As a part of the treatment, we also work to provide treatments that our patients can do at home.  

At Carolina Brain Center, our treatment approach includes a few different steps to help care for our patients. First, examining neurodegenerative patients is a crucial step in ensuring that our patients are receiving the right treatment. With our examination, we can determine which areas of the brain aren’t functioning properly and which ones are, so that we can work on making use of the latter. From there, we can create a treatment plan with a holistic healthcare approach that suits the needs of individual patients. 

Having a neurodegenerative disorder can be life-threatening, making effective treatment incredibly important. Struggling with a neurodegenerative disorder is not only difficult for the person who has it, but for their loved ones as well. If you or a loved one are battling a neurodegenerative disorder in Raleigh, contact us today to request a consultation. 

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