Johnathan’s Testimonial

Extreme Fatigue, Dysglycemia, Dysautonomia

Johnathan reported to my office with primary complaints of fatigue, rapid and irregular heart rate and rhythm. He also said he felt hungry all the time like he could not eat enough. Mentally he felt foggy and more irritable. Other complaints included, finding it harder to swallow, chest pain, musculoskeletal pain associated with the neck and back, tension headaches, trouble sleeping, sinus pain and pressure, multiple digestive complaints, and inability to handle stress. Interestingly, Johnathan had experienced similar episodes in the past starting about the age of 12 years old. He said his last major episode was in July 2011 and it lasted 1 month in duration.

His neurological examination confirmed that his autonomic nervous system function was compromised. So, we started working on his ANS and saw steady improvement. As his metabolic capacity increased we were able to work on other parts of the nervous system that had been declining in function due to his failing ANS.

As for how Johnathan feels today, I will let Johnathan speak for himself.
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