Hope Restored

Dr. Dane has a special heart for the “hopeless” case because of her little brother Cody. Cody wasn’t supposed to live a day, yet he continues to thrive!

While some neurological conditions can be resolved, others cannot. For those tough diagnoses, we offer in-office treatments to increase potential and home strategies to help improve quality of life, including:

Increased muscle tone
Decreased spasticity
Decreased aspiration of food and liquids
Easier bowel evacuation
Decreased seizure activity
Increased state of consciousness
Greater sense of calm
and more, depending upon need

A problem solver, Dr. Dane works with families to create strategies for her patients. For example, after a mom said, “If we could just get him to be more alert and cooperative in the morning, mornings wouldn’t be so stressful!” Realizing that this young man with Down’s Syndrome needed some extra stimulation in the morning to get his reticular activating system (RAS) doing  its job to “wake up” the rest of the brain, she gave the mom a simple routine to do in the morning when she woke him up. The mom came back the next day and said, “You are a miracle worker! It worked like magic!”