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Holistic Healthcare

Functional Neurology/Functional Healthcare
What Holistic Really Means

The goal of holistic healthcare is to get the best results possible by taking a multi-disciplinary approach to treating the whole person. By utilizing a fusion of functional medicine and functional neurology, each patient is evaluated in six different categories:

Neuro-physiologic Imbalance
Neuro-endocrine Imbalance
Anatomical Imbalance
Immune Imbalance
Mood Imbalance
G.I. Imbalance

Using this unique holistic approach allows us to evaluate and prioritize each category. Treatments are then based upon your unique presentation and the highest priority imbalances are addressed first, which helps us achieve the best results possible.

It is important for you to understand that our goal is to correct problems that are correctable and to help you to achieve optimal function in those areas that cannot be restored 100%. While we are working toward optimal function for you, you will be learning how to effectively manage your health. Dr. Dane is here to teach, guide, and coach you on how to maintain your new and healthier lifestyle.

Carolina Brain Center is committed to excellence! A commitment to excellence is first and foremost a commitment of time. We looks forward to investing our time in your life for the coming months. All we ask of you is that you join us in this commitment to excellence. Health is achieved when both you and your doctor make the commitment to invest time and effort.