At Carolina Brain Center our mission is to change a life, change a family, change a community, and change the world.

Too many people have been left with no hope. Whether it is a story of recovery, a story or survival or a story of I-know-my-child-has-more-potential, feeling that you are defeated has a devastating effect on moving forward, gaining momentum to overcome obstacles and achieving goals! Functional Neurology is a system of analysis, diagnostics and treatments that unlocks potential.

Unlocking potential means different things to different people, diseases, injuries and illnesses. What can we do for you? If you could pick just one thing, what would it be? Reduced spasticity, better communication, slowing down a degenerative process, better behavior from your child, better grades, less pain, more movement, feeling happy… If someone told you there was hope for you or your loved one, what would you want to work on so that you could see measurable improvements?

The BIG picture makes the BIG difference! The body is a whole functioning machine; a machine that has many working units that are all interrelated. One part DOES effect another part. At Carolina Brain Center we look at the major players; the brain, the blood and the guts. We collect diagnostic information about the these players and then we see how they are functioning together. Our treatments are specifically designed for each individual patient based upon their diagnostic information gathered. In addition to offering cutting edge treatments, often times we find ourselves in the role of being the conductor in complex cases. Collaborating with other medical professionals to help best manage a case is part of what makes us so good at getting great results.