Spring Break Travel Planning

Give your brain a stress-free holiday this spring break! travel busWhether you are dreaming of a spring break getaway to warmer weather, or thinking ahead to summer vacation plans, technology can be a huge help. From finding and booking the perfect vacation spot, staying up to date with road and traffic conditions, or mastering the airport wait, there really is an app for that. Vacation should be stress-free, so let technology help with the planning!


This single app, my personal favorite, keeps all travel itineraries, tickets, booking details, reservations and confirmations in one place. It’s easy to share travel plans with anyone needing specific details, which is great when traveling without the kids. TripIt also sends notifications about where your gate is and directions to things like the rental car area. TripIt makes unwinding my brain as soon as I start my vacation a reality, every time.


For those who want to master air travel with ease, this is a one stop app. When in transit, you will get up to the minute notifications about security wait times, flight delays, gate changes, amenities and more. It also provides a simple, easy guide to all the shops and restaurants in your airport terminal, along with reviews. Fueling your brain and body has never been easier.


Make the most of your road trip with this constantly updated app that tracks interstate delays, speed traps, and road construction that might impede drive times and drive up your brain’s stress response. Let Waze send good vibes so you and your brain can relax.


This app provides a map of every airplane with a color-coded guide to the best and worst seats in the cabin. Sometimes you don’t even need to pay extra to grab one of the best seats, thanks to this insider information. I can hear your brain saying, “download this app!”

Google Translate:

Never fear getting lost in translation, no matter where you are. This app has been helping travelers interact in just about every language for years. Just speak into your phone and instantly have it translated into a foreign language. Google Translate is available “offline” allowing you to use it even without phone service or roaming charges. Your brain just went from fear to “ʻaʻole pilikia, I got this.”


If you need travel inspiration, this app offers easy recommendations such as “beach,” “city break,” “ski,” or “live music” before finding you the best possible deals for your selection around the world. There is even a link to book everything at the best prices, and they will alert you if prices on your bucket list trip drop. Dreaming and imagining about all the places you want to go is a great way to exercise your brain in a calming way.