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Millions of Americans suffer from concussions each year. The effects of these injuries can have profound implications down the road, especially when they go undiagnosed. For this reason, it is essential to recognize the symptoms of a concussion and act quickly when you may be suffering. There is also a benefit in identifying concussion symptoms in another person, as they may not be able to comprehend what exactly is ailing them.

Concussions can be successfully treated through several methods, from medication to rest. Medical professionals who specialize in concussion treatment will be able to identify the symptoms and create a care plan that can neutralize the damage. Because concussions have a wide range of severity and symptoms, treating them quickly and correctly is essential.

Carolina Brain Center is a leader in concussion treatment and would be happy to help you or a loved one manage your care plan. Our outstanding team of medical professionals is one of the most compassionate and experienced in the business. Call Carolina Brain Center to get started on the care you require.

What is a Concussion?

Concussions are a relatively common injury caused by force applied to the head area, causing the head and brain to shift quickly. Concussions can be relatively mild and not cause much damage in the long term. However, repeated minor concussions over time can significantly damage the brain.

In more severe concussion cases, the sufferer may lose consciousness, followed by a loss of concentration, memory, and balance. The disorientation associated with concussions is incredibly uncomfortable and can be challenging to recover from if you take any precautions.

Concussions are relatively common in sports like football, soccer, and boxing. While most concussions recover, compounding brain damage by participating in contact sports before healing fully is very dangerous. Many of the most vicious concussion-related troubles that plague people later in life result from returning to activities too soon and aggravating their symptoms.

A man feels the stress of a headache

How to Treat Concussion Symptoms?

After it is determined that you have a concussion, doctors have several options for how they can treat your symptoms. Some of the standard methods by which head trauma is treated are through a balanced nutritional diet, medication, and rest. Oftentimes this is NOT enough. Carolina Brain Center is well versed in treating rest-resistant concussions. 

While your concussion symptoms should gradually fade away by embracing a solid diet and allowing yourself to recover slowly through rest, a rest-resistant concussion is a whole other beast. These types of concussions will not heal on their own and not treating them can can cause significant short- and long-term problems.

Carolina Brain Center Treats Concussions

Carolina Brain Center offers several solutions designed to help you recover from injuries or illnesses. Two of the most exciting services we offer include the GyroStim and our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Consider these options if you or a loved one needs care.

Learn more about Carolina Brain Center by visiting our website or calling us. Our staff would be happy to help you heal and recover under our guidance. Contact us today to ensure a pleasant recovery from a serious injury.