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Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

These mobile apps help even the busiest people boost productivity and stay organized.


  • SavingStar

E-coupon app SavingStar gives you coupons for the things you need and want (diapers, soap, snacks) at your favorite grocery and drugstores. You pay the normal price in the store and the savings from the coupons you choose add up inside the app. Once you reach $5, you can choose to put the savings in your bank account, redeem them for an Amazon gift card, or even donate them to charity. Think of it as a modern and more fun version of the spare change jar.

  • Key Ring

If you live by rewards cards, then you’ll love the simplicity of this app, which stores all your rewards information and lets you scan your phone in the store instead of carrying around those bulky cards on your key ring. Even if you are not a rewards junkie, you can put your gym membership on here for easy scanning.

  • Cozi

Cozi makes it easy to manage your family’s busy schedule. Through the calendar feature, you can input everyone’s appointments on your family’s shared Cozi account and set reminders so that no one misses a game or doctor’s appointment. The app also helps you create grocery shopping and to-do lists to keep you super organized. There is also a recipe box to help get dinner on the table and a journal to share family photos and memories.

  • ZipList

ZipList streamlines your grocery shopping by allowing you to search the app’s recipe database (there are over 300,000 recipes from popular sites like Martha Stewart and Food.com) and add the ingredients directly to your shopping list. It also allows you to email the list to others.

  • RedLaser

A helpful comparison-shopping app that lets you scan barcodes for various items to see how much they would cost if you purchased them from a competitor. The app pulls up comparative prices from almost anywhere online, including Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, as well as local stores. In addition to price comparisons, it also shows you nutritional information for different foods and even the nearest library stocking the book you have been wanting to read.

  • BigOven

Named “Best App for New Moms” by Time Magazine, BigOven aims to take the effort out of cooking and meal planning. It offers a database 200,000 delicious recipes to help you do so. Need to meal plan? Drag and drop recipes onto a calendar for a day, a week, or a month. You can also share recipes via email, Facebook or Twitter and scan in written recipes that the app converts to digital text. This app emphasizes basic, easy-to-cook meals and ingredients and is guaranteed to simplify mealtime.