Woman practicing yoga on the beachDr. Dane’s article, Balance: What Do You Want to Be, Do, Have? has been published in Health & Healing. This article is about physical and mental balance and what you can do to be content with your life.

In the article, Dr. Dane starts by explaining the vestibular system and how she evaluates a patient experiencing physical balance issues, such as dizziness, vertigo, and unsteadiness. She then goes on to state that mental balance is just as important. When people talk about balance, we often refer to the harmony of our lives. Are we happy? Do all critical aspects of our lives feel aligned? When our lives are imbalanced, much like our physical balance, we tend to think that something is not right.

In a seminar that she attended in her fourth year practicing, she was presented with a question that still resonates with her today: Are you willing to do what it takes to be who can have what you want? Twenty years later, Dr. Dane has boiled what she learned that day down to one thing: contentment — being content in your circumstances and the changes happening within them is how to find real balance in your life.

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