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When you’re a parent, there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your son or daughter in pain. Many children suffer from attention and learning disorders such as attention-deficit disorder or ADD. It is a wide-reaching disease, and it can be difficult to diagnose. However, those with ADD don’t exhibit signs of hyperactivity compared to those with ADHD. Individuals who are affected by ADD have symptoms of disorganization, forgetfulness, and inattention to detail. Consequently, it becomes increasingly challenging for them to focus on learning and engage in social activities.

To alleviate ADD symptoms, you and your child can seek the assistance of the Carolina Brain Center. The head of our facility, Dr. Darcy Dane, is board-certified in chiropractic neurology and will devise the proper treatment plan for you. She has studied a range of developmental disorders and recognizes that medication and behavioral therapy are not the only effective remedies. Dr. Dane utilizes a functional healthcare approach that can more easily identify the root cause of your child’s ADD.

In a matter of weeks, you could see permanent and long-lasting changes. Your children can be stronger in all areas of their lives, as they will feel more in control of their thinking and behavior. Certainly, no child should have to live with the overwhelming frustrations that can arise from ADD.

Our Treatment

ADD is different in every patient. We realize the significance of each of our patients receiving individualized care, as some may have more serious symptoms than others. No question, the Carolina Brain Center strives to provide relief to our patients. Before booking a consultation, it is important to understand our style of healing. Read on to learn more about our practice and methods.

Functional Healthcare

We employ a healthcare approach that encompasses functional neurology, biochemistry, and nutrition to reduce the burden of your child’s disease. Treatments are created specifically to activate weakened neurological pathways in either the right or left hemisphere of the brain. They also can reduce inflammation to create a better chemical environment for brain development and function. As a result, this can lead to improved cognition. We can uncover what is making your brain vulnerable and institute a procedure that will lead to optimal and enduring results.

Questions to Consider

We take into account several variables when assessing your child’s condition. We will ask you questions to understand the progression of their disorder and how it will affect your lives now and into the future. Here are some of the most common questions:

  • Is the problem getting better or worse?
  • What are the special needs of your child?
  • What will your child’s situation look like in a few years?
  • As an adult, will your child be able to live on his or her own or have a job?
  • If help is accessible, are you or your child ready to receive it?

Once these are answered, we can kickstart your treatment. Dr. Dane and her physicians recognize the obstacles to finding the best care for your child, especially if you have struck out in the past with other practices. Unquestionably, the expenses can add up and impact both your and your child’s life at home. You need a practice you can trust, and that meets your needs. 

Dependable Treatment in Raleigh, NC

At the Carolina Brain Center, we are known for our compassionate and hands-on care. Parents can rest assured that we have nothing but your child’s health in mind. We can reduce your stress and minimize your concerns about finding valuable ADD treatment. Your child can finally start winning the battle against ADD and return to living a full life.

If you are seeking ADD treatment in Raleigh, NC, choose the Carolina Brain Center for our efficient and personalized healthcare approaches. Contact us today to book a consultation!

Why Carolina Brain Center?

Dr. Dane brings 20 years of experience to the Triangle and has helped many people achieve a healthier brain and body.


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